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Don't wait until you are arrested to get help!

Pre-Case Representation If you are under investigation for any crime you don’t have to wait until an arrest before you take action. We offer a comprehensive range of services designed to help ...
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Khol's Shoplifting Defense

One of the more common shoplifting arrest cases that we see are from Khol's. This mid-range department store caters to shoppers with a variety of clothing and general housewares. To keep prices ...
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Resolving a Wal-Mart Shoplifting Charge

It should come as no surprise that America's number one retailer is also one of the top enforcers of shoplifting laws. Wal-Mart uses loss prevention employees who work in stores around the clock ...
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More on Shoplifting

Shoplifting is not limited to taking something from a store that you have not paid for. Should you reap the benefits of product or merchandise that you have not paid the full retail price for, this is ...
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Police Note Increase in Detergent Theft

Police accross the country are reporting an unusual crime wave: increasing thefts of Tide detergent. Some departments are even setting up specialized task forces to try to control the thefts. The ...
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Placed under an investigation for embezzlement in South Carolina?

Embezzlement is a serious offense in South Carolina. The crime is differentiated from standard theft or larceny in that the defendant is required to have been entrusted by the organization or true ...
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