Simple Possession of Marijuana

Lexington Drug Crime Attorney Protecting Your Rights

Marijuana is one of the most common drugs that lead to drug crime charges and convictions. For those facing such charges, it is essential to enlist the powerful help of one of the Lexington criminal defense lawyers at Law Office of James R. Snell, Jr., LLC. We understand what you are facing and have the knowledge and skill to help. If you are facing a charge for the simple possession of marijuana, contact our firm today!

Penalties for Drug Possession in Lexington

This is a criminal offense in South Carolina. First-time offenders charged with up to one ounce are prosecuted in the magistrate or municipal court. Second and subsequent offenders are prosecuted in general sessions. Although most individuals charged with marijuana possession are arrested and taken to jail, at the officer's discretion you can be given a traffic ticket and asked to appear in court. Whether or not you were taken to jail, all marijuana charges are criminal in nature and can result in severe penalties. If you are convicted of marijuana possession in South Carolina you may face the following penalties:

  • Mandatory driver's license suspension
  • Risk of a court-ordered fine
  • Risk of a jail or prison sentence
  • Permanent criminal record
  • Loss of college scholarship opportunities

The judge will have no discretion or authority regarding the creation of a criminal record, license suspension or how the conviction may impact your ability to obtain a college scholarship. Under South Carolina law, in order to be convicted, the State must prove that you were in either actual or constructive possession of marijuana. There is no minimum amount of marijuana that must be present to be criminally convicted. If it is enough to be tested, it is enough to be charged.

We regularly represent clients charged with marijuana possession and can help you. Our clients include professionals, working adults, students, out of town motorists (usually arrested or ticketed on the Interstate) and anyone else wishing to avoid a criminal conviction. In addition to Lexington residents, we also represent individuals who live in or are facing charges in Columbia and other parts of the state. Contact a Lexington criminal defense attorney today to learn more!

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