How soon will my license be suspended after a marijuana conviction?

If you are convicted of simple possession of marijuana your driver's license will be suspended for six months. This applies for anyone convicted, regardless of whether or not they were ever taken to jail as part of their charge.

The suspension does not take effect until you are convicted in Court. You are convicted by:

  • Pleading no contest
  • Pleading guilty
  • Paying the Fine
  • Not Coming to Court for your Court Date
  • Pleading not-guilty and then being Convicted after a Trial

Once you are convicted of marijuana the Court will immediately and on the spot take your driver's license. You can be arrested and charged with driving under suspension just from leaving the Court parking lot.

The only way to avoid a marijuana charge license suspension is to not be convicted of the offense. There are many possible ways this can be accomplished including options for first time offenders or those who are actually guilty of the offense.

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