Placed under an investigation for embezzlement in South Carolina?

Embezzlement is a serious offense in South Carolina. The crime is differentiated from standard theft or larceny in that the defendant is required to have been entrusted by the organization or true owner.

Often times those placed under an investigation for embezzlement will have no prior experience with the South Carolina criminal court system. When knowledge of the crime is brought to their attention by management or law enforcement it is easy to panic with concern over losing your job, family, reputation and the risk of prison time.

There are options as to how to proceed after an investigation has begun or you have been arrested for embezzlement. The way you choose to proceed will have a direct impact on how the case is ultimately viewed by the prosecutor's office and whether or not it will have to go to Court or not. It is important that anyone involved in an embezzlement case seek legal counsel prior to any discussions with law enforcement or company officials about their case.

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