Blog Posts in March, 2011

Supreme Court Scheduling Order for DUI Cases

The South Carolina Supreme Court has released an Order dated March 21, 2011, for the disposition of pending DUI and DUAC cases in Lexington County. In the Order They found that as of March 18, 2011, ...
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PWID Marijuana

A more serious charge than Simple Possession of Marijuana is Possession with Intent to Distribute. This drug charge is designed for situations where a defendant is found in possession of marijuana for ...
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Can a DUI be Expunged?

Under South Carolina law many first time convictions in Magistrate or Municipal Court may be expunged. An expungement is a legal process by which a Court will order the arrest and conviction records ...
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Drug Possession in South Carolina

Many South Carolina Drug Charges require the defendant to be in legal possession of the controband. Drug offenses which require possession include: Simple Possession Possession with Intent to ...
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