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You may have never thought it could happen to you. Most individuals who are accused of a crime never expected to be in that situation. It is not a circumstance that individuals believe will happen to them, but when it does, you will need an attorney by your side who understands the laws concerning crimes in your area and how to defend your rights. At the Law Office of James R. Snell, Jr., LLC, we offer services in many areas of criminal defense.

Whether you have been accused of a DUI or drug crime, our attorneys are prepared to be the resource you need during this frightful time. No one wants to face prosecution, but if it is a scenario you must now encounter, we can be by your side to help you fight for your rights. Our law office provides assistance to individuals facing criminal charges in Lexington, South Carolina, as well as in the city of Columbia.

Wrongly accused or made a mistake? Either way, we can help.

There are two forms of criminal defense cases that we have become accustomed to handling. The first involves individuals who we find have been wrongfully accused of a crime based on false evidence or testimony. Other times, the police can make a mistake or wrongfully identify you. If this is the case, we can provide criminal defense to the utmost extent to help you obtain freedom and protection of your rights. The second type of case our lawyers take on are those in which the individual is truly found guilty but is in need of a second chance.

Sometimes, a domestic violence or property crime was committed, but the individual is simply a good person found in a bad situation. Often, these mistakes are caused by being influenced by or surrounding yourself with the wrong crowd, or the use of drugs or alcohol. We can use our experience as members of the South Carolina Association for Justice and the American Association for Justice to help you obtain the justice you require. Regardless of the circumstances, our attorneys are prepared to help you navigate the criminal defense process. We believe that you deserve a second chance and will need your case handled as soon as possible.

Our lawyers can help you restore your peace of mind in a time that you need it most. At the Law Office of James R. Snell, Jr., LLC, we do not only take on small misdemeanors but also deal with difficult sex crime offenses that many lawyers are wary of handling. We are also members of the South Carolina Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, which strives to better the judicial system. When it comes to violent crimes, we can sit down and openly listen to your situation and be the defense you need when you are facing penalties you may not deserve.

Providing the Aggressive Representation that You Deserve

We understand that you may not know where to turn if you have been arrested for a crime you may have not committed. There are circumstances that could have been misunderstood, such as child pornography cases and white collar crimes, which we can help you fight by building a strong case in your favor. As criminal defense lawyers, our job is to provide informative responses to all of the questions you may have concerning your case. We represent both men and women who are charged with trespassing, shoplifting crimes and many other offenses. A criminal domestic violence arrest can rip a family apart and cost you your individual freedom, family, and employment with one incident.

Our Columbia criminal defense lawyers understand the importance of providing dedicated representation to clients when they are charged with a crime. If you are dealing with a criminal investigation, your entire life may be at stake. You risk jail or a prison sentence, as well as the possibility of a lifetime of diminished employment opportunities. These are not risks you should have to face. If you have been arrested, you will need to retain a Lexington criminal attorney. We represent clients in a variety of ways and are confident in our ability to help you. Contact us today!

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If you have been charged with a crime in South Carolina, or are afraid that you are about to be, it is important that you consult with a lawyer as soon as possible. Delay can only hurt your case. Many of our clients consult with us in criminal matters even when they have not yet been arrested. Even if the police are just beginning with their case, or you have just been accused by someone of an illegal act, we can help you avoid making incriminating statements and the other pitfalls that can result in a criminal record or prison sentence. Sometimes just obtaining qualified representation at the onset of a case can make the difference between getting arrested or not.

At the Law Office of James R. Snell, Jr., LLC, we understand that time is of the essence after you have been arrested and charged with a crime. For this reason, we have decided to offer all potential clients the opportunity to discuss their case with a Lexington criminal defense lawyer at our firm for free. With live operators standing by, we have made ourselves available to answer all of the questions that you may have about the process ahead. All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call today at (888) 301-6004 to take advantage of a free initial consultation. Even if you ultimately decide not to retain the help of our firm, we would like to ensure that you are able to find the answers that you are looking for during this difficult, and often scary, time.

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