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Advice to Avoid Being Stopped By the Police

Advice to Avoid Being Stopped By the Police

Many serious arrests are made after a police traffic stop. This includes service of arrest warrants, drug possession and weapons violation. Even without these concerns getting pulled over is a tremendous inconvenience and a nerve wracking experience. The easiest way to avoid these concerns is to avoid being stopped. The following tips should help minimize the chances of being stopped by the police.

1. Wear your seatbelt - South Carolina has a primary enforcement now for seatbelt use meaning the police don't need another reason to stop you. Further the Highway Patrol and many other agencies have now made writing seatbelt tickets a top priority.

2. Verify your window tint - There is a law in South Carolina regulating how dark your vehicle's window tint may be. Illegally dark tint is still sold in and shipped into South Carolina. Dark window tint is one of the fastest ways to get pulled over - especially anytime you pass through a small town. Fines also may exceed $1,000.

3. Check your lights - All of the lights on your vehicle need to work. This includes headlights, tailights, brake lights and your taglight. Inoperable lights are an easy way to get pulled over - and frequently are pretext for a stop by officer's on drug patrol.

4. Use your lights - Be sure to always signal when turning or changing lanes. Not doing so can be sure fire way to being pulled over and ticketed.

5. Avoid any seemingly abrupt driving maneuvers - Anytime your car makes a quick or jerky movement it can catch the attention of law enforcement. This includes fast starts and hard braking. To avoid a police interaction you want your vehicle and your driving to simply blend into the background.

6. Keep your radio turned down - A loud radio can quickly draw the attention of law enforcement and can result in fines in excess of $2,000 - especially if you are pulled over in a small town.

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