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What should you do if accused of touching a child?
What should you do if accused of touching a child?

Being accused of touching a child is the legal equivalent of being hit by a truck. Just by simply being accused your entire life is put at risk. This includes your family, your employment, your standing in the community and your freedom. Under South Carolina law the police ...

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  • How Can I Defend Against a Shoplifting Charge?

    In an arrest, the police want you to believe that they have you “dead to rights.” They try to convince you that your case is open-and-shut. They claim ...

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  • Pre-Trail Interventions in South Carolina

    What Is a Pre-Trail Intervention? South Carolina has created a program that helps first-time offenders . It focuses on rehabilitation and tries to ...

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  • When Is It a Good Idea to Plead No Contest?

    Some people think that the best way to handle a criminal charge is just to plead "no contest". But in South Carolina a no-contest plea is exactly the ...

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  • Why You Should Stay Quiet When Police Pull You Over

    Why Is the Right to Remain Silent Important? Many people are unfamiliar with the criminal justice system, and it’s easy for them to miss important ...

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  • Do you go to jail for child pornography in South Carolina?

    I’ve seen a substantial increase in the number of men arrested for possession of child pornography. This is due to the number of people with Internet ...

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  • SC Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Forfeiture

    The South Carolina Supreme Court has ruled in favor of forfeiture laws that allow police to permanently confiscate property without pressing charges. ...

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  • Is It Illegal to Dodge a DUI Checkpoint?

    During prominent holidays, events, and in high population areas police may set up DUI checkpoints to catch inebriated motorists in the act. For ...

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  • Why the Pretrial Phase Matters

    The pretrial phase of a criminal case is often overlooked but can be the most pivotal part of a criminal trial. Keep reading to learn more. What Is ...

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  • Internet Crimes: What You Should Know

    In the digital age, information, entertainment, and education are more easily accessible than ever. Users can have a near-live feed of world events ...

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