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South Carolina Trafficking in Marijuana - Did you fly in with vacuum sealed bags?
South Carolina Trafficking in Marijuana - Did you fly in with vacuum sealed bags?

Over the last few years, I've seen a significant increase in people charged with South Carolina marijuana trafficking. These are people who flew from states like California or Colorado with vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana. Often those who are caught are simply acting as ...

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  • Should you plead to DUAC?

    A common plea offer for those facing a South Carolina DUI charge is to plead to a DUAC. Is this a good idea for your case? Should you plead to DUAC? ...

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  • What Is Public Corruption?

    When a business mogul, politician, or major contributer to the economy uses unethical means to gain wealth and power they are committing public ...

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  • Pyramid Schemes and MLMs

    If you’ve seen a baby pink Cadillac on the road or a smoothie place with no prices on the menu, you’re familiar with MLMs and pyramid schemes. ...

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  • Why Is Gun Violence on the Rise?

    Gun violence has increased dramatically over the past three decades, and as school and public shootings continue to occur at a rate of at least one ...

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  • The Science of DUIs: Testing, BAC, and Concrete Evidence

    DUIs and DUACs may seem fairly simple, but they can be surprisingly complex. Keep reading to find out more about the science behind DUIs and what it ...

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  • Can You Get a DUI as a Passenger?

    If you leave a party or even with friends and the driver is drunk, are you at risk of a DUI? The short answer? Technically yes. However, these cases ...

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  • SC Courts Continue to Struggle with Backlog

    Like most court systems post-pandemic, South Carolina courts are struggling with a backlog. However, their troubles began long before COVID-19. One ...

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  • What Crimes Are Eligible for the Death Penalty in SC?

    South Carolina has recently reinstated the firing squad for those who commit crimes worthy of death row. So, what crimes count toward the death ...

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  • Is Kombucha Illegal in South Carolina?

    Kombucha tea is a health drink that grew in popularity around 2016. The tea, fermented with live bacteria cultures called scoby is the product of a ...

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