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What Are My Rights if I'm Attacked by an Animal in SC?
What Are My Rights if I'm Attacked by an Animal in SC?

In 2016, when a two-year-old boy was killed by an alligator in a lagoon at a Walt Disney World property in Orlando, Florida, the entire country took notice. And while the attack was tragic and thousands of parents may have thought twice about vacationing in Florida after ...

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  • Personal Injury Claims Against Homeowners

    Accidental injuries can occur anywhere – on a highway, at a school, at work, at an office building or amusement park, on city property, at a store, or ...

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  • South Carolina's Dog Bite Law

    Dogs have been man’s best friend for a very long time, but unfortunately man’s love affair with domesticating animals can lead to preventable attacks ...

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  • Pain & Suffering in a Personal Injury Claim

    For the most part, personal injury claims include medical bills, property damage (car accidents), lost income, and pain and suffering. The economic ...

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  • How Can I Help My Injury Attorney?

    Suppose you were injured in an accident, such as a car accident, a pedestrian accident, or because of a dog bite or medical malpractice. Now, you’ve ...

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  • Recovering Compensation for a Scar

    Oftentimes, the aftermath of a serious accident includes a scar. We see this often in automobile accidents, dog bites, motorcycle wrecks, and ...

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  • Scar Repair Won’t Be Covered by Your Health Insurance After a Dog Bite

    Dog attacks can result in vicious injuries including prominent scars. The original medical care needed including an ambulance and emergency room ...

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  • Understanding South Carolina's Dog Bite Law

    Those injured by a dog bite or in a dog attack are fortunate that South Carolina has a special statute dealing specifically with these types of ...

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  • How Is a Dog Bite Injury Claim Evaluated by Our Office?

    All dog bite and dog attack injury cases are different. The approach that we take will vary from case to case. There are some general considerations ...

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  • South Carolina's Statute of Limitations for Dog Bite Cases

    A Statute of Limitations is a law that limits the time you have to file a claim for injuries. South Carolina's Statute of Limitations covers injuries ...

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