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Can You Get a DUI as a Passenger?
Can You Get a DUI as a Passenger?

If you leave a party or even with friends and the driver is drunk, are you at risk of a DUI? The short answer? Technically yes. However, these cases are more complicated, and a lot of factors play a role in who can be charged with a DUI. Casino to Custody A West Virginia DUI ...

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Blog Posts in 2022

  • SC Courts Continue to Struggle with Backlog

    Like most court systems post-pandemic, South Carolina courts are struggling with a backlog. However, their troubles began long before COVID-19. One ...

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  • What Crimes Are Eligible for the Death Penalty in SC?

    South Carolina has recently reinstated the firing squad for those who commit crimes worthy of death row. So, what crimes count toward the death ...

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  • Is Kombucha Illegal in South Carolina?

    Kombucha tea is a health drink that grew in popularity around 2016. The tea, fermented with live bacteria cultures called scoby is the product of a ...

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  • South Carolina Senate Debates Medical Marijuana Bill

    At the end of January 2022, the South Carolina Senate started to debate the “South Carolina Compassionate Care Act” (S. 150 and H. 3361), which has ...

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  • Can I Avoid a DUI Checkpoint in SC by Turning Around?

    Police departments throughout South Carolina set up DUI or sobriety checkpoints to arrest intoxicated motorists and keep the roads safe, especially on ...

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  • “Don’t Ask” Bill Makes Asking About Vaccine Status a Crime in SC

    A newly proposed law in South Carolina would make it a crime for anyone—whether it is your employer or anyone—to ask about your COVID-19 vaccination ...

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  • Failure to Stop for a Blue Light in South Carolina

    When you are being pulled over by the police, you are required to pull over to the side of the public road or highway and make a complete stop. But ...

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  • Is your domestic violence arrest public in South Carolina?

    If you’ve been arrested for domestic violence , you may be wondering if the details of your arrest are public information. Will your employer, your ...

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  • Harassment & Stalking in South Carolina

    Harassment in the First Degree According to South Carolina law, harassment in the first degree means a pattern of intentional, significant, and ...

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