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Do you go to jail for child pornography in South Carolina?
Do you go to jail for child pornography in South Carolina?

I’ve seen a substantial increase in the number of men arrested for possession of child pornography. This is due to the number of people with Internet access (especially 24/7 access on mobile phones), and the number of police officers investigating Internet content. The ...

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Blog Posts in 2022

  • Lexington Operation Sheepdog

    On September 1, 2022, the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department announced the arrest of 22 men in what they called “Operation Sheepdog.” The Law ...

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  • What Is a Bench Warrant?

    A bench warrant is used to summon a defendant to their trial if they do not respond to the original request to appear. Keep reading to learn more. ...

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  • Back to School – Time for Expulsion Hearings

    Even though area students have only just returned from summer break we’re already seeing an influx of expulsion matters. This includes students from ...

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  • Parole: Can You Miss a Call From Your Parole Officer?

    A septuagenarian named Gwen Levi attended her computer class like always when she received a call from her parole officer. The class does not allow ...

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  • Kidnapping in South Carolina

    Kidnapping is a serious criminal charge, but how is it punished in South Carolina? Keep reading to find out. Definition Each state has laws on ...

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  • What Is Domestic Violence of a High and Aggravated Nature?

    Domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature is a specific delineation from criminal domestic violence or other DV charges. Keep reading for more ...

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  • Summer DUIs: What You Should Know

    Summer DUIs: What You Should Know Summer is a time for travel, fun, and laughter but there is such a thing as too much fun. The summer months are ...

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  • DNA Evidence in SC

    DNA evidence is essential to criminal investigations. For years, law enforcement officers have relied on DNA evidence to catch serial killers, ...

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  • Uber Driver DUIs in South Carolina

    What happens if you get a DUI while driving for Uber? Does Uber have rules regarding past DUIs? Keep reading to learn more. Uber DUI Policy Uber and ...

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