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Personal Injury Claims Against Homeowners

Personal Injury Claims Against Homeowners

Accidental injuries can occur anywhere – on a highway, at a school, at work, at an office building or amusement park, on city property, at a store, or even on someone’s personal property. When someone is injured at a private residence, oftentimes the house belonged to a personal friend or family member, so the injured party can be hesitant about filing a personal injury lawsuit against the homeowner.

If you’re reading this, you or someone you love may have been injured while visiting someone’s private home. The types of accidents that commonly occur on private property include falls down stairs, slip and falls on ice or a wet floor, dog bites, swimming pool accidents, falls off roofs and so on. But what if you are injured on a friend or family member’s property? Does this mean that filing a personal injury claim would mean you’re suing your friend or relative?

Filing a Claim Against Homeowners Insurance

Mortgage lenders require that homeowners carry homeowners insurance, and this is a good thing because it protects them in the case of theft, fire, or storm damage. According to the South Carolina Department of Insurance, homeowners should protect themselves with liability insurance in the event that they become legally responsible for others’ injuries.

Homeowners insurance protects homeowners from liability if someone else is injured on their property, and it also covers the injured person’s medical expenses. “But what if I’m injured on a renter’s property?”

If the renter has purchased renters insurance, and he or she has purchased liability coverage, it will protect the renter in the same way that it protects a homeowner. Otherwise, the injured party would have to file a lawsuit against the renter. In this case, the renter could be on the hook for the injured party’s losses, especially if the renter has any measurable assets.

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