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Help! My child was charged with marijuana. Should we take PTI?
Help! My child was charged with marijuana. Should we take PTI?

A common situation faced by parents is what to do when their child is charged with marijuana. We receive calls from panicked mothers or fathers who say that the officer recommended PIT and they wonder whether they should accept it. What is PTI? Pre-trial intervention , or ...

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  • How to Defend a South Carolina Interstate Drug Arrest

    It’s inevitable than some drivers traveling through South Carolina are going to face an interstate drug arrests . These cases can involve both ...

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  • Don't wait until you are arrested to get help!

    Pre-Case Representation If you are under investigation for any crime you don’t have to wait until an arrest before you take action. We offer a ...

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  • Arrested for ordering marijuana by mail?

    If you’ve been charged with receiving marijuana, or any other drug, by mail, there are some things that you need to know. Ordering marijuana online is ...

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  • What is the Lexington "Meth Triangle?"

    A large portion of Lexington County is infamous among law enforcement for its concentration of methamphetamine-related arrests. This area, called the ...

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  • Will My License Be Suspended for SPMJ in South Carolina?

    If you have been arrested for simple possession of marijuana (SPMJ) in South Carolina, you may be wondering what legal penalties you are up against. ...

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  • Marijuana Remains a Criminal Offense in South Carolina

    Lately our office has received several requests regarding the current status of South Carolina's marijuana laws . Although some states have updated ...

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  • Can I Go to Jail for Marijuana Possession in South Carolina?

    Under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), marijuana is classified as a Schedule I substance. This means that it is considered to have a high ...

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  • South Carolina's SPMJ Charge

    If you have been arrested or cited for SPMJ in South Carolina this abbreviation stands for Simple Possession of Marijuana. This is a criminal charge ...

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  • If the police find marijuana in a car who is charged?

    A common occurrence is for the police to find marijuana in a car. Many times there are two, three or more people in the car and a question arises as ...

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