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Federal Drug Conspiracy Defense

Federal Drug Conspiracy Defense

Local and federal law enforcement agencies have been working together in order to investigate alleged drug distribution rings.

The end result of these investigations can be numerous individuals all charged together as co-defendants, and alleged to be involved in a group conspiracy.

Federal drug conspiracy cases are prosecuted differently than a run-of-the-mill possession case. Typically, in most drug cases, police must actually catch someone with drugs in order to arrest them.

In federal conspiracy cases the arrests are normally made after confidential informants or other individuals provide information that at some time in the past an individual was involved in the possession or distribution of drugs, or was at least involved in the planning of such activity.

Instead of catching people with drugs, the evidence can be witness statements, recorded statements, and testimony from witnesses to prior events. There might not be any drugs or other tangible evidence actually associated with the case.

Here are some other major points about these charges:

  • Local federal defendants can be housed in the Lexington County Detention Center. This facility has a contract with the federal government to house federal defendants in the county jail.
  • Defendants are facing penalties for all of the drugs that they are alleged to have been involved with or discussed- not necessarily drugs that they actually possessed.
  • Prosecutors normally rank how serious they are taking someone’s involvement by how high up in the list of defendants they are placed. The top name frequently goes to the alleged leader, and the bottom names may only be minimally involved.
  • Prosecutors usually work the cases from top to bottom. They will use testimony from the defendants lower on the list in order to prosecute defendants higher-up on the list. This can result in more and more drug weight being added to a defendant’s charge the longer their case stays pending.
  • The federal court will automatically assign a court date very early on. This can frequently be less than a month after an arrest, and before there has even been discovery documents produced. It is not unusual for there to be multiple continues granted.

If you’re facing a federal drug conspiracy charge our attorneys can help. James Snell is admitted to practice in the Federal District Court, as well as in the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. We can help:

  • Obtaining federal bond or a bond reduction
  • Reviewing discovery materials
  • Evaluating the case for defenses
  • Seeking a dismissal or reduction of charges or sentencing

Our attorneys are available by retainer only- they are not public defenders. They do offer free consultations available in our Lexington Office located at 123 Harmon Street. To schedule your appointment contact us at (803) 301-6004.


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