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Does South Carolina Have Romeo & Juliet Laws?
Does South Carolina Have Romeo & Juliet Laws?

Does South Carolina Have Romeo & Juliet Laws? Statutory rape laws in South Carolina are in place to protect minors from sexual predators and other adults who seek to take sexual advantage of adolescents. Unfortunately, statutory rape offenses can be a double-edged sword for ...

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  • Can You Record without Consent in South Carolina?

    Can You Record Someone without Consent in SC? Today, studies show that 86.41% of the global population has a smartphone. The U.S. is no exception, as ...

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  • Sex Offender Registry Classifications, Explained

    Sex Offender Registry Classifications, Explained In South Carolina, offenders may be forced to register as sex offender s if convicted of a sex crime ...

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  • Grooming: Is it a Crime?

    Grooming – the act of cultivating behavior to exploit a child. While the term has only recently entered the public lexicon, it has been an ...

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  • SC Courts Continue to Struggle with Backlog

    Like most court systems post-pandemic, South Carolina courts are struggling with a backlog. However, their troubles began long before COVID-19. One ...

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  • What Crimes Are Eligible for the Death Penalty in SC?

    South Carolina has recently reinstated the firing squad for those who commit crimes worthy of death row. So, what crimes count toward the death ...

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  • South Carolina Senate Debates Medical Marijuana Bill

    At the end of January 2022, the South Carolina Senate started to debate the “South Carolina Compassionate Care Act” (S. 150 and H. 3361), which has ...

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  • Several Police Officers in SC Cheated on Mandated Training

    The head of South Carolina’s police training academy said officers in approximately 20 agencies throughout the state cheated on mandatory training by ...

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  • SC Open Carry Law Takes Effect on August 15

    Next weekend, specifically on August 15, 2021, a new gun law goes into effect in South Carolina, allowing anyone with a concealed weapon permit (CWP) ...

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  • When Can a Minor Be Tried as an Adult in South Carolina?

    Minors who are arrested generally go through the juvenile justice system, which is considered family court. But when teenagers are accused of serious ...

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