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More on Shoplifting

More on Shoplifting

Shoplifting is not limited to taking something from a store that you have not paid for. Should you reap the benefits of product or merchandise that you have not paid the full retail price for, this is still considered shoplifting. Tampering with any label or price tag to obtain the product at a reduced value can also cause you to be arrested on a shoplifting charge.You also don't have to leave the store to be charged with shoplifting, moving items from place to place in the store or concelment on your person (such as in a bag or hidden in your clothing).

Should this occur, and the value of the stolen merchandise does not exceed one thousand dollars, you are at risk for being charged with a misdemeanor that can be tried in a magistrate court. Upon conviction, you could be fined up to two thousand hundred dollars or imprisoned for thirty days. When the value of the stolen merchandise is higher you could face charges in General Sessions carrying years in prison.

Many retail stores use video cameras or security guards in place to help prevent a person from shoplifting. Should a person choose to shoplift, any surveillance videos or screen stills from the video can be used during a court trial in order to make a case against the alleged shoplifter, as well as witnesses, if they choose to help the retailer in a case against you.

You do not have to be on the premises of the retailer in order to be accused or arrested for shoplifting; a police officer may pull you for a traffic stop in order to investigate the issue if they have information that could indicate your involvement. This information could include a description of your appearance, a description of the vehicle you were driving, and/or the tag number of the vehicle.


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