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CDV Second Offense Defenses in South Carolina

CDV Second Offense Defenses in South Carolina

Criminal domestic violence (CDV) cases are addressed differently than other types of criminal cases in the state of South Carolina. The best hope you have of defending yourself against charges is to secure legal representation from a skilled criminal lawyer. The lawyers at the Law Office of James R. Snell, Jr., LLC, Jr. LLC have years of experience in criminal law, and are committed to crafting an effective defense for those who have been charged with a domestic violence offenses. The firm has represented numerous CDV cases over the years, and has an in-depth understanding of the legal issues involved, including how the prosecution will present the case, how to deal with false accusations, and what is necessary to defend a domestic violence charge that is prosecuted in South Carolina.

The defense lawyer completely understands that any number of real or imagined circumstances can lead up to a CDV arrest. There is extreme danger in a second CDV charge, and a conviction can have a significant and negative impact on your reputation, family, career, and life. These cases are extremely dangerous, as even in cases in which the alleged victim recants, the State can move forward with the case and continue to pursue a conviction. It is necessary to have early action taken by a Lexington criminal defense attorney.

Repeat offenders can expect very little leniency in court. A second offense criminal domestic violence charge may have been filed as a misdemeanor, but is significantly more serious than a first offense. A CDV second offense case, wherein the accused has had a prior domestic violence conviction within the past 10 years, will not be heard in a City Court or Magistrate Court. It will be heard in the Court of General Sessions - County CDV Court. Penalties upon conviction will include a mandatory 30-day jail sentence with the possibility of incarceration for up to a year, fines between $2500 -- $5000, court-ordered counseling, probation and other penalties. Certain cases allow for the possibility of the loss of custody of your children, the requirement to move out of your home, the court may order you to make temporary alimony payments to your spouse or you could completely lose the right to contact your family and loved ones.

If you have been arrested or charged with second offense CDV, you must keep in mind that your arrest may not result in a conviction. A seasoned criminal lawyer advocating on your behalf can go a long way towards negotiating a reduction of charges, a dismissal of charges or an acquittal at trial. Contact the firm and schedule a free case evaluation to discuss your case. Early involvement in your defense is a critical issue in a second offense CDV.


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