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Facebook May Jeopardize Your Confidentiality

Facebook May Jeopardize Your Confidentiality

Have you ever wondered how Facebook comes up with its suggestions for people you may know?

Facebook's method for suggesting people is a trade-secret. However it seems possible that if you install their app on your cell phone it will access both your contact list as well as calling\texting history. If Facebook recognizes that you and someone share the same contact or call the same phone number it might try to suggest you to each other as possible Facebook friends.

There is no real privacy concern if friend suggestions were limited to people with an overlapping social circle. It runs the risk of jeopardizing confidentiality when the suggestions are because you and the suggested friend have nothing in common, but have the same doctor's office, marriage counselor, or even law firm in your phone history.

For example, if you have recently been in contact with a drug counseling facility, Facebook might then suggest people that you have no personal connection with but who have also contacted the same facility. This can have the effect of tipping others off that you and then might share the same personal issues.

So what do you do if you want to maintain your absolute privacy? Technology is progressing so quickly that it isn't reasonable to expect the government to have a solution. Instead there is always going to be some trade-off between being connected to the Internet and your privacy. Some people may not be bothered much, if at all buy this. Others may care deeply. If you really want to maximize your privacy here are some suggestions:

  • Do not install social media applications on your smartphone. You can access them through their regular website, or from a regular PC.
  • Use separate e-mail addresses when dealing with sensitive communications.
  • Don't interact with a company or business online that you wouldn't want to be connected with
  • Do not provide social medial service with your personal phone number or main e-mail address
  • Use a landline phone, instead of a smartphone, for making sensitive calls

Beyond those measures, there isn't much more that you can do other than to completely


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