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More Columbia Prostitution Arrests

More Columbia Prostitution Arrests

The Richland County Sheriff's Department has run yet another sting operation to arrest people responding to ads on websites like skipthegames or eroticmonkey. Area media, including local television stations, reported on the arrests, including listing the names and dates of birth of those arrested. 

You frequently see the names (and sometimes home addresses and employment information) of those arrested in these stings because law enforcement issues press releases with that information to local media. This isn't because there is significant local interest in police running sting operations with decoy officers, instead it is to publicly humiliate and embarrass those arrested. 

Getting arrested for solicitation of prostitution can have effects long past the initial media report. It can jeopardize your family, employment, and standing in the community. The effects don't end after a few hours in jail and by paying a fine. Because of the initial publicity those arrested will have the history of the arrest pop up everytime someone does a simple Google search for their name. 

It's important to know that just because you were arrested does not mean that you must be convicted. There are several ways we can help to try to obtain a dismissal of a solicitation of prostitution charge. This can include court challenges to the arrest and police conduct, or negotiated resolutions that can also result in a dismissal of the solicitation charge in exchange for paying a fine on a lesser offense. Over the years we've helped dozens of people fight to keep these arrests and convictions off their record. 

Here are some questions we have about every arrest:

  • Did the police actually get the permission of the hotel to conduct a sting operation? Or did they simply rent a room to someone who didn't disclose the intended use?
  • Was the advertisement actually for prostitution? Or was it for legal escort services?
  • Did the police use improper entrapment techniques?
  • Was there actual evidence of intent to solicit illegal prostitution?  Or did the police simply grab whoever showed up at the hotel?
  • Did the police properly document the events?
  • Were Miranda advisements properly given?
  • Did the police violate someone's rights when searching a car or a cell-phone?
  • Was excessive force used?
  • Is it actually fair, and in society's best interest to criminally prosecute someone under these circumstances?

If your case is dismissed most reputable news organizations will promptly remove your name from the articles. This can prevent details of your arrest being found in online searches in the years to come. You'll also qualify for an expungement, which erases the arrest from public police and court records. We help ensure that the expungement process goes forward for our clients when their cases are dismissed. 

If you'd like to speak with us about your case call (888) 301-6004. We're located in downtown Lexington, close to I-20. The call and your visit is confidential and protected by attorney privilege. 

Any result the Law Office of James R. Snell, Jr., LLC, may achieve on behalf of one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate similar results can be obtained for other clients.


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