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Driving Too Slow on the Left Lane is a Ticket in SC

Driving Too Slow on the Left Lane is a Ticket in SC

Starting on August 15, 2021, South Carolina drivers could be fined for driving too slowly or holding up traffic in the left lane of a highway. Law enforcement and highway patrol officers can issue citations worth up to $25 for driving in the far-left lane unless they are passing another vehicle. 

Officials will determine whether to issue a ticket based on if motorists are holding up traffic. For example, if a driver in the left lane sees another vehicle approaching from behind at a faster speed, they must switch to the right lane. Once the car passes by, the driver can either remain in the right lane to switch over to the left lane. 

Exceptions to the new traffic law include: 

  • When there is no vehicle directly behind you 

  • When inclement weather, such as rain and snow, make it safe to drive in the left lane 

  • When congestion and other traffic conditions make it impractical to drive in the right lane 

  • When a hazard obstructs the right lane 

  • When there is a left lane exit on a highway 

  • When a commercial vehicle is unable to safely move to the right lane because of a passing or overtaking vehicle on the right, or a highway grade 

  • Law enforcement, ambulances, and other emergency vehicles, as well as construction and maintenance vehicles, during official duties or work hours 

However, law enforcement officials will not issue tickets immediately. Instead, they will give motorists a warning for the first 90 days. 

Therefore, drivers could be ticketed for driving too slowly starting on November 13. Fortunately, this offense will not lead to any points added to a driver’s license, cannot be included in a person’s criminal record, cannot be reported to the driver’s insurer, and does not allow an officer to search a vehicle. 

The law also requires the South Carolina Department of Transportation to display electronic messages and post new signs along highways to remind drivers of the new law. 

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