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What is the Lexington "Meth Triangle?"

What is the Lexington "Meth Triangle?"

A large portion of Lexington County is infamous among law enforcement for its concentration of methamphetamine-related arrests. This area, called the "Meth Triangle" comprises approximately one-half of the total land area of Lexington County, including the areas around and in-between Gaston, Swansea, Pelion, and South Congaree. The "Meth Triangle" has been featured before in local and national news stories for the sheer number of drug cases.

As a Lexington criminal defense law firm, we have experience in representing those charged with drug and specifically methamphetamine-related crimes. Other names for this drug include meth, crystal meth, ice, and crank. A common question is why meth use is so prevalent in this area. Although the "Meth Triangle" contains approximately half of the county's land area, it has only about one-fifth of the population. Meth is different from other common street drugs in that addicts can make their own.

Although most of the country's meth supply is made in large labs (like featured in Breaking Bad), addicts can actually make their own meth supply from common chemicals such as muriatic acid, lye (sodium hydroxide), diethyl ether, and ephedrine. When meth addicts make their own meth it can make a strong chemical smell. They also may prefer a large area to set up all the necessary equipment, and enough space to allow them to "party" undisturbed for several days on end.

This, combined with the fact that rural Lexington County's population is primarily lower income whites, creates the perfect environment for a "Meth Triangle" to exist. the Law Office of James R. Snell, Jr., LLC, Jr., LLC, is founded by criminal defense attorney James Snell. He has been representing individuals charged with felony drug crimes in Lexington since 2004. He is the past president of the Lexington County Bar Association, and has received a 10/10 rating on Avvo. For a free consultation regarding your drug charge, please contact our office today at 1-888-301-6004.


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