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Should a lawyer charge you more for a 2nd or 3rd offense DUI?

Should a lawyer charge you more for a 2nd or 3rd offense DUI?

Many times people who meet with us regarding their DUI 2nd offense or 3rd offense share with us that other lawyers have quoted them much higher fees becomes of their prior record. Should lawyers actually be charging more for these DUI’s?

There is absolutely no difference in the law between a first offense DUI and someone with a prior history of DUI convictions. Although DUI 2nd+ cases are prosecuted in General Sessions, rather than Magistrate\Municipal Court, the cases are otherwise almost identical from the lawyer’s standpoint.

Although the penalties for a subsequent DUI are higher than a first offense, this alone doesn’t change the workload the charge places upon the lawyer. The same time and effort should be put into protecting a client from their 1st DUI as from their 2nd or 3rd.

Our office charges the exact same fee for all DUI cases regardless of whether or not they are a 2nd or a 3rd offense. That fee covers all services in the case, including the preliminary appearances, roll-call appearances, pre-trial motions, and court appearances. If the charges aren’t dismissed or reduced to our client’s satisfaction that fee also includes a fully contested trial where the case will be challenged on our client’s behalf.

We utilize the exact same system for our review of all DUI cases. This begins by requesting the police evidence for your case, which should include a copy of the roadside video, the officer’s narrative incident report, and the score sheet from any field sobriety tests. These materials are then fully reviewed by James Snell as well as a second defense attorney in our office (both attorneys are members of the National College of DUI Defense and have completed training in DUI police tactics). We then share the results of our analysis with you before you have to go to court, so that you will be able to make any decisions in accordance with your own best interest.

If you are facing a 2nd DUI or any other subsequent level offense contact the Law Office of James R. Snell, Jr., LLC, Jr., LLC, at 1-888-301-6004.


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