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Summer DUIs: What You Should Know

Summer DUIs: What You Should Know

Summer DUIs: What You Should Know

Summer is a time for travel, fun, and laughter but there is such a thing as too much fun. The summer months are often considered some of the most dangerous for drivers and there is a sharp increase in DUIs and other traffic related infractions. Keep reading to learn why and what you can do to stay safe.

Reason #1: More People on the Road

During the summertime, students are out of school and most families take at least one trip. Whether they travel in-state or across the country, traffic gets exponentially worse as a result. There are more people on the road, and while not everyone is driving drunk, reckless driving and distracted driving are increased risks as well.

Reason #2: No Responsibilities

The perception that there are no responsibilities during the summer is a prevalent one, and as mentioned in the previous section, students are out of school and college students in particular have a summer break as well. For many college students, the pressure to drink is expected, but when school is out, there’s less reason to hold back. As a result, many people drink more during the summer which can result in the increase in drunk driving.

Other people also feel the lack of responsibility especially on vacation. When people are visiting the beach or taking a road trip, they leave their worries behind. However, it’s important to note that releasing stress through drinking or recklessness does pose a risk to others.

Reason #3: Convenience

When a party is happening, no one wants to ruin the vibe. As spirits run high and the drinking begins, many people do not want to wait for a designated driver, taxi, or Uber to pick them up especially if they are a part of a pub crawl. There’s always another place to go to have fun, and most people do not think ahead before attending the festivities.

Stay Safe This Summer

If you are planning on vacationing, partying, or melting all your cares away, always have a plan. The risk of drunk driving is reduced significantly with the help of a designated driver. Choose the DD before you head out and make sure you have a system of accountability in place. If there are no buddies willing to take the wheel responsibly, you should contact a ride service. Most bars have a safe driving policy that allows intoxicated people to leave their keys with the bartender, contact a ride service, and return their keys in the morning.

Whether you enlist the help of a friend, bartender, or taxi driver take precautions to avoid intoxicated driving. DUIs are serious crimes that can result in permanent license suspension or jail time. Don’t leave your future up to chance and drive responsibly this summer.

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