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Uber Driver DUIs in South Carolina

Uber Driver DUIs in South Carolina

What happens if you get a DUI while driving for Uber? Does Uber have rules regarding past DUIs? Keep reading to learn more.

Uber DUI Policy

Uber and Lyft have forever changed ride sharing but their innovation has come with challenges. Uber in particular has changed its policies on drivers to ensure that passengers are as safe as possible. One of their most important changes is their DUI driver policy.

According to the DUI policy, drivers with DUI convictions in the last seven years are not allowed to drive for Uber. Drivers who have had their cases expunged or dismissed are required to provide proof and must not reoffend.

Additionally, Uber restricts potential drivers who have:

  • Speeding violations over 20 miles in the last three years
  • Three traffic violations in the last three years
  • Reckless driving charges
  • Less than three years of experience driving in the U.S.

To enforce this, Uber requires background checks. These checks focus on driving records so it’s important to have a clean record when applying for Uber. Anyone with a history of repeated traffic offenses are not considered.

Other Rideshares

Lyft, another rideshare company, also has a driving policy. Drivers cannot have driving-related felonies on their record. These crimes include vehicular manslaughter and other serious crimes. Potential applicants cannot have any tickets or traffic violations on their record and cannot have a history of drug related incidents.

Rideshares are a great additional revenue source, but drivers must be able to follow road rules and cannot take risks that would endanger the driver or put them in a position where Uber or Lyft could be held liable.

What Happens If You Get a DUI While Driving an Uber?

Uber drivers – and other rideshares – are commercial drivers. This means that they have the same level of responsibility as a truck driver or school bus operator when they are on the clock. This also means that their blood alcohol concentration cannot be higher than 0.04. There is no room for error when a driver begins their shift.

Intoxication can look different for different people and the amount of liquor needed to get them to a 0.04 BAC could vary. It is for this reason, it is better to avoid drinking before or during a shift. It is impossible to know exactly how much to drink without breaking the rules. Each person has a different tolerance and body composition that impacts their intoxication.

Rideshares like Uber have zero-tolerance policies when it comes to drug or alcohol abuse behind the wheel. Anyone who breaks the law while on shift can be terminated and have their access to the platform revoked.

Have You Been Charged with a DUI?

Have you been charged with a DUI during an Uber ride or have a DUI on your record? The Law Office of James R. Snell, Jr., LLC can help. Our attorney can assist you with expungement or defend you if Uber decides to take legal action.

Contact the Law Office of James R. Snell, Jr., LLC for more information.


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