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How Do I File an Appeal in South Carolina?

Did you receive and unfair conviction that you believe was based on an error? If so, then you should consider filing an appeal. This means that you ask a higher court—either the South Carolina ...
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Clearing Your Record After a CDV Arrest

Many people arrested for CDV are concerned about having a criminal record. Having a mark on your record can unnecessarily complicate future employment opportunities, your background check or even the ...
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How Long Does a DUI Stay on My South Carolina Record?

There are two components to a South Carolina DUI conviction; the first is criminal and the second is administrative. The criminal conviction that goes on your rap sheet will be there for life. There ...
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Expungeable Offenses in South Carolina

When an individual wishes to get his or her criminal record cleared of all arrests and convictions, or sealed so that others cannot view past indiscretions, he or she may be able to do so through the ...
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Can a DUI be Expunged?

Under South Carolina law many first time convictions in Magistrate or Municipal Court may be expunged. An expungement is a legal process by which a Court will order the arrest and conviction records ...
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