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Have you been arrested and charged with a sex crime? There are many different charges that you could face depending on the age of the alleged victim, your age, various circumstances of your case, and the actual offense you have been accused of, as well as your criminal background. Due to the vast variety of offenses, and the many severe penalties that you could face for conviction, it is crucial for you to seek legal assistance on your side to help you defend your rights in court, and ensure that you are not wrongfully convicted of a crime that you did not commit.

At the Law Office of James R. Snell, Jr., LLC, we are intent on defending the rights of the criminally accused residents of Lexington, SC, and when you choose a Lexington criminal attorney from our firm, you will receive the one-on-one service that you deserve. We have the experience, we have the skill, and we have the drive that you need on your side. It is important for you to understand the charges that you face, utilize the information provided from our frequently asked questions, and seek the assistance of a representative from our firm for more specific answers regarding your case.

What is a registrable offense?
Essentially, every sex offense that you could be charged with will require you to register as a sex offender. If you are charged with the crime of rape, the crime of statutory rape, or even indecent exposure or public indecency, you could be convicted and face serious penalties including sex offender registration.

What is sex offender registration?
Sex offender registration is a program that is designed to warn the general public of dangerous persons in an area. This record will provide your information publicly. While there are laws against harassment and mistreatment of sex offenders, there is still a significant social stigma that comes with this registration, and you could be denied various benefits such as employment that require a background check.

What if my alleged rape or statutory rape was consensual?
Sadly, there are many cases where an angry ex-boyfriend or girlfriend will claim that you raped them out of an act of retaliation. Whether you are innocent or guilty of the charges against you, you have the right to a fair trial, and you have the right to an attorney that can investigate the witnesses and evidence to help defend your rights in court.

What kind of penalties will I face for a conviction?
As there are many different offenses that you could be charged with, there are also many different penalties that you could face depending on a number of factors in your charges. Some factors which are considered include the age of the alleged victim, your age, any past convictions, your criminal history, specific circumstances in your case, and other elements. You could face years in prison, hefty fines, sex offender registration, and other penalties depending on the crime you are convicted of.

Enlist the Aggressive Representation You Will Need

Our firm understands the many various hardships that come with sex crime charges. In addition to the severe penalties that you could face for a conviction, there is often a social stigma that comes with sex crime charges. Your reputation is on the line, and your future could be on the line. You need an attorney who has handled these cases in the past, and knows how to build the defense that you need for the charges that you face.

Throughout our years of practice, we have developed an approach to each case that we handle which begins with an in-depth and comprehensive interview. We work to gather as much information and evidence as possible, and then to begin building the case that our clients need. Our office offers a free case evaluation, and it is vital that you utilize this to your benefit as soon as possible. Contact a Lexington criminal lawyer at our firm to discuss your situation and learn how we can help you.

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