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What happens in Bond Court in Lexington, South Carolina?

What happens in Bond Court in Lexington, South Carolina?

When someone is arrested and taken to jail in Lexington County they are taken to the Detention Center. This is located in the same property as the Sheriff's Department at 521 Gibson Road, Lexington, South Carolina 29072.

The first event in their case will be their appearance in Bond Court. The purpose of bond hearing is to determine what the conditions of the defendant's release will be prior to their trial - including the amount of cash that must be posted or guaranteed by a bail bondsman. Bond Court is scheduled twice daily Monday through Friday and once in the morning on Saturday and Sunday. The Court is located next to the jail.

When you arrive the first thing you should do is check in at the window. This will not only help you verify that you are in the correct location, but also make sure that you know when your person's bond hearing will be scheduled.

After you check in you should sit it the lobby area. While you are waiting it is important to be quiet - loud talking can disrupt the procedures in Court. A Bond Court representative will come into the lobby prior to Court starting to review the procedures for that date. They will also announce when it is time for you to move into the Court room for your hearing. Bond proceedings in South Carolina are open to the public - and anyone is allowed to come inside the Courtroom for any hearing they wish to see.

Do not bring your cell phone into Bond Court. Also when you come into the Courtroom you will have to empty your pockets and go through a metal detector. Bond proceedings go by fairly quickly. In most cases unless you are the victim you will not be given an opportunity to talk to the judge. The defendants are brought to a doorway and kept behind a metal gate. The judge will review with them their charge and their right to a trial and a right to an attorney. They judge will also ask them questions about their prior criminal history, employment and living situation.

At the conclusion of the hearing the judge will announce what the amount of the bond is. It is important that anyone in the audience not react either positively or negatively to the Court. Strict decorum in the Courtroom is maintained at all times. Any comments or failure to follow the Bond Court rules can subject the defendant or an audience member to contempt of Court sanctions which could include a fine or up to thirty days in jail.

You can post the bond (either by yourself or with a bondsman) after the hearing. Generally it takes 3-5 hours once the bond is posted for the defendant to be released. When they are they will exit from the Detention Center's front door.


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