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Job Injuries Caused by Unsafe Work Conditions

Job Injuries Caused by Unsafe Work Conditions

Unsafe working conditions can make an already difficult job even harder. Injuries that happen at work are all too common and unfortunately, many employees fail to claim the compensation that their suffering deserves.

South Carolina has certain laws that dictate the benefits that an injured employee qualifies for, as well as an employer's requirements for workers' compensation. If you've been injured on the job, you may be wondering what your employer is obligated to pay for and the amount of compensation you can receive. Read on – we're here to provide the information you need!

An Injured Worker's Right to Compensation

Unmaintained equipment, negligence, and insufficient warnings can all create an unsafe workplace. Industrial accidents and mechanical injuries are common for employees across the United States. The good news is that employees who are injured on the job are not solely responsible for their related costs.

According to South Carolina laws, an injured worker is eligible to receive payment of two-thirds of their average weekly wages for the time they are unable to work. This is considered the compensation rate. Employers are also required to pay for the medical care that their employees needs, as well as compensation for any future income they may lose due to the injury.

An injured employee is allowed to receive all medical treatment that will help their disability. This can include surgery, medical supplies, hospitalization, and prescriptions. The employee must, however, see the specific doctor designated by the employer.

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA), employees are entitled to safe working conditions. OSHA also allows workers to request workplace instruction, review records of work-related injuries, and receive training about risks and methods to prevent injury.

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