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Prevent Food Poisoning at Your Super Bowl Party

Prevent Food Poisoning at Your Super Bowl Party

For many people, the end of football season is simultaneously a cause for sadness and celebration. While no one wants to see the season come to a close, the Super Bowl is traditionally a time to gather with friends, watch the game, and root for the best team to come out ahead. This year, make sure to continue the celebration by ensuring the safety of your guests at your Super Bowl party. By taking some simple steps to prevent food poisoning, you can be sure that everyone celebrates the game from start to finish.

How Can I Prevent Food Poisoning?

Food poisoning may only seem like something that happens when visiting restaurants, but even food cooked in the comfort of your own home can cause serious illnesses. When it is time to get together with others to celebrate, why risk the potential of getting someone sick?

In order to avoid food poisoning, follow these tips:

  • Make sure that food meant to be served hot is actually served hot
  • Return hot food items to the oven if they have cooled before consumption
  • Keep cold food items in the refrigerator as long as possible
  • Store and transport cold food below 40 degrees
  • Use several small platters for serving to better control temperature
  • Pay attention to how long items have been sitting out
  • Discard any food items that have been out for over two hours

Food poisoning causes varying sickness, with some symptoms including nausea, abdominal pain, cramping, and diarrhea. Older people, infants, and those suffering from chronic illness are especially prone to suffering from food poisoning.

Getting sick from food that was not properly handled is significantly more common than people may think. Food poisoning can lead to serious illness and even permanent injury. Take care at this year’s party and keep your guests safe and happy!

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