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Security Guard & Bouncer Injuries in Columbia, SC

Security Guard & Bouncer Injuries in Columbia, SC

If you live in the Columbia Area, you know we have numerous popular watering holes. From the Ale House Lounge, to the Art Bar, to Bar None, Blue Tapas Bar & Cocktail Lounge, Breakers Bar & Grill, Calloways Sports Bar & Grill, CJ’s, Hemingway’s Music & Sports Pub and many more – there’s something for everyone.

Since these types of venues serve alcohol, they regularly have to deal with inebriated customers, bar fights, and other rowdy guests. Sometimes though, things can get out of control and injuries caused by bouncers at bars and nightclubs can lead to personal injury claims.

Bouncers and security guards are necessary at establishments where alcohol is served, but they tread a very fine line. They’re responsible for protecting guests, breaking up fights, and removing unruly guests, but they’re supposed to do this without injuring these people. If you have been injured by a bouncer or security guard at a bar or nightclub, read on to learn more about your legal rights in such cases.

Injuries Caused by Negligence

Security guards and bouncers have a tough job to do; they need to handle heated situations without injuring patrons. This means that if a security guard or bouncer injures a patron because they were careless in handling them, they can face a personal injury claim if it can be proven that their conduct was negligent.

For example, let’s say two patrons were yelling at each other. So, the bouncers took the two drunk men and threw them outside of the bar. One of the bar patrons falls on face forward on the sidewalk in front of the establishment, and knocks out two of his front teeth. Because the bouncer was reckless in forcefully throwing the man onto the street, he can be held liable for being negligent.

Bouncers Who Commit Assault & Battery

Bouncers and security guards who work at bars and nightclubs are prone to committing assault and battery, which are “intentional torts.” An intentional tort refers to a civil wrong that a person commits on purpose. While physical force may be in the job description of a bouncer or security guard, they walk a fine line.

Essentially, if a bouncer or security guard uses more physical force than is reasonably necessary to restrain or remove an unruly patron from an establishment, then the bouncer or security guard can be liable for assault and battery. In some cases, the employer can be liable for harm caused by the bouncers and security guards they employ.

If you were injured by an overly-aggressive bouncer or security guard, contact our firm to arrange a free consultation with a Columbia personal injury lawyer!


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