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Superbowl Sunday to DUI Monday

Superbowl Sunday to DUI Monday

Lots of people go to Superbowl parties or choose to watch the game at area bars. Kick is at 6:30 P.M. The game probably ends by about 10:30 P.M. or so, by which time you can expect just about every available police officer to be out looking for DUI drivers.

There are a lot of ways you can catch the officer’s attention. If you choose to watch at an area bar, police officers frequently sit down the road waiting to follow random cars out. If you do ANYTHNG to draw their attention you can get pulled over. If you then admit to drinking (even just the “two beers” that is the most common response we see), you’ll be asked to step outside of your car and then it’s all downhill from there.

By the way, it is legal for police to follow you after leaving a bar. They can’t however pull you over just for being at a bar. Fortunately the officer should be recording your driving, and if they don’t have a valid reason to stop you this can serve as a strong defense to a DUI arrest.

Outside of just leaving a bar, there are a lot of ways you can catch an officer’s attention. Driving too slowly, weaving, not using a turn signal, or failure to dim headlights are all popular ways to start a DUI stop.

If you’re arrested on the way home from the Superbowl you can expect to make 10:00 A.M. bond court if charged in Lexington. If your case is in Columbia, times can vary depending on what agency arrested you, but also by Monday morning.

If you have been charged there are some things we can do immediately to help you. If your license was taken by the officer we can help you get your driving privileges back within the week. You can also meet with a DUI lawyer to answer all of your questions about the court process and how to seek a dismissal or reduction in the charge. We can also e-mail you some free information about DUI defense teqniques. To get started call us at 1-888-301-3532.


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