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In a Car Accident? Take This Advice!

In a Car Accident? Take This Advice!

How many car accidents have you already been in? One, two, or more? If you have been in two or more accidents already, don’t fret. That’s only normal. Car accidents are so common these days, especially with the number of distracted, drugged, and drunk drivers on our roads – they happen more often than they should.

Our point is that car accidents are very common and therefore, it’s important to become educated about them. Otherwise, you could end up with a denied claim or a low-ball claim that does not fully compensate you for all of your losses. In other words, the more you know about car accidents, the better position you’ll be in when it comes time to file a car accident claim.

Our Best Car Accident Advice

Whether you were recently in a car accident, or if you’re in one in the future, here’s what you need to know:

  • Never admit fault. If you do and it wasn’t your fault, it could cause serious problems down the road when it comes to the claims process.
  • Always call the police, even if it was just a minor fender bender. Even though you’re not legally required to report all accidents, your insurance company may not process your claim without a police report.
  • You are required under South Carolina law to report all accidents involving personal injury or death, so be sure to abide by the law.
  • If a minor wreck involves $1,000 or more in property damage and you did not call the police, you are required by law to report it to the DMV within 15 days of the accident. Don’t forget to do this!
  • The first thing you do after a crash is see if anybody was hurt and if so, call an ambulance.
  • After the crash, move your car over to the side of the road where it’s safe if possible.
  • Take pictures and videos! This evidence will come in handy.
  • Get the other driver’s information, including their name, number, license plate number, and insurance information.
  • If there were any witnesses, get their contact information.
  • Seek medical attention within 72 hours, but the same day is better. If the injuries were minor, you should still see a chiropractor right away if you don’t visit the ER or see your primary care physician. The insurance company will likely use it against you if you fail to see a doctor or chiropractor shortly after the crash.
  • Do NOT give a recorded statement to an insurance company without talking to a personal injury attorney first. Anything you say can be used against you.

If you are ever in a car accident, do yourself a favor and contact the Law Office of James R. Snell, Jr., LLC. We can be reached at (803) 932-6117.


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