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Why the Pretrial Phase Matters

Why the Pretrial Phase Matters

The pretrial phase of a criminal case is often overlooked but can be the most pivotal part of a criminal trial. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is the Pretrial Phase?

The pretrial phase of a criminal trial occurs before official proceedings and involves opening statements and the first presentation of evidence. It’s during this phase of the trial that the prosecution and defense offer conferences and motions.

In many cases, the pretrial phase is also the time when both sides present evidence during discovery. The discovery phase is crucial to the trial because it involves the exchange of evidence and information between parties. Typically, evidence includes documents, findings, lab results, and more. Depositional statements may also be presented at this time.

However, while pretrial is a critical point where all parties may collaborate, in most cases one party or the other will ask for a motion to dismiss certain pieces of evidence from being presented in court.

Plea Deals

One of the most important parts of a pretrial case is the potential of a plea deal. Plea deals are agreements made between the prosecutor and the defendant. A deal in a criminal case typically involves an admission of guilt for a lesser sentence. For example, the defendant may plead guilty to the charges and the prosecutor will offer to shorten the prison sentence and deduct the fine.

Why the Pretrial Phase Matters

The pretrial phase is arguable one of the most important parts of a criminal trial. This phase is critical to the outcome of a criminal trial. Whether the accused gets a plea deal or the opportunity to file a motion, making the right decisions early on may result in a reduced sentence or even lead to an optimal result.

The key to mastering the pretrial phase is hiring an experienced attorney.

Put Your Case in Good Hands

If you have been accused of a crime, you must contact a legal professional immediately. The Law Office of James R. Snell, Jr., LLC has extensive experience with pretrial intervention and can help you prepare your case and achieve the most optimal result. Put your case in good hands with The Law Office of James R. Snell, Jr., LLC.

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