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Should You Move Your Car After an Accident?

Should You Move Your Car After an Accident?

Car accidents can be described as scary, terrifying, exciting (but not in a good way), and even “traumatic events.” They happen so fast and they’re usually over in a matter of seconds. The loud sounds of a crash and the sudden jolt on your body can leave you virtually speechless, shaking, and in...shock.

Hopefully, you’re reading this before you get into a car accident so you can mentally prepare yourself in case you’re ever in one in the future. If you do find yourself in a crash one day, you’ll have to make a decision. Do you leave your car or do you move it? The correct answer depends on a few factors, which we’ll explain below.

When It’s Safe to Move Your Vehicle

When you leave your vehicle in the middle of the roadway, unsuspecting motorists can approach your vehicle at a high speed and not have enough time to stop. In effect, additional accidents and injuries can occur; someone may even die. So, if it is safe to move your vehicle to the side of the road, you should do it if only to prevent further accidents from occurring at the accident scene.

However, it’s not always wise to move a vehicle or even possible after a crash. If someone is seriously injured, it may not be safe to move the vehicle at all because you need to leave the injured person where they are until an ambulance arrives and the paramedics safely move the injured person.

Another issue is your vehicle may be mangled and totaled to the extent that it’s impossible for you to move it. If your car is totaled and you can’t move it, don’t fret. You will not get in trouble with the authorities for leaving it at the accident scene. Just make sure you stay on site until the police arrive and you exchange information with the other driver(s).

If you are able to move your vehicle to the side of the road to prevent more accidents from taking place, be sure to take a quick moment (if it’s safe enough) to snap some pictures of the accident scene. Take pics of where the vehicles landed and any skid marks. If you have time to take a video, that evidence will help support your personal injury case.

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